Firestick & Firestick Ti Backpacking / Bike-packing Stoves


Available in robust Stainless Steel and ultralight Titanium (Ti) versions
Pot supports and recessed burner offer flame protection in windy conditions
Pot supports protect the stove when stowed
Regulated valve for precise flame and heat control
Twist on cap holds the pot supports in a locked position
The focused flame and stable pot supports work perfectly with PrimeTech pots with heat exchangers
Wool storage pouch doubles as a pot holder
Remote, matchstick-style Piezo igniter included, no lighter required
Invented in Sweden, made in Europe
Gas NOT included

9999 in stock



The unique Firestick Stoves offer a streamlined, ultra-packable silhouette for adventurers who always want their stove within reach. Complete with a stand-alone, matchstick-style Piezo igniter and a wool storage pouch, this stove can slide into a coat pocket, a mesh water bottle pocket, or a bike pannier with ease.

Mount this small burner on top of any gas canister, and fire it up with the single-handed use Piezo igniter. This slim stove offers a 8530BTU (2500 W) flame that can boil a liter of water in four and a half minutes, or can be lowered to simmer a delicate sauce. The wool storage pouch offers convenient insulation while handling your hot pot.

After enjoying your hot meal, simply unscrew the Firestick Stove from the fuel, twist on the cap to hold the pot supports closed, and quickly stow in the wool storage pouch, along with the Piezo igniter.

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